What is the ACC?

The idea of the Artist Collectors Club is to offer fans a small, original drawing or mini painting, by some of their favorite artists. A different artists original work is delivered to your doorstep every month, at an affordable price.

How does it work?

On the 1st day of each month, we offer a new artist. You then have approx. 30 days to order that artist by purchasing one of our packages. At the end of the month, the artist is no longer available to order and the next months artist is announced for sale.

How much are shipping charges?

Orders in the USA are shipped free of charge!

I live outside the USA, can i still order?

Yes. All international orders must first go HERE to our intl. orders page.

What do i get?

A rounded edge, 14pt collectible card sized at 4″ x 6″ enclosed in a cellophane wrap. One side is the certificate of authenticity with serial numbered, holographic sticker. The other is blank for the artist to draw on.

What is the serial number for?

It adds collectability to your art and also verifies the authenticity. Each number can be matched to our ACC database with an image of the corresponding artwork.

The artist i want is this month, how long do i have to order?

For all purchases, you have approx. 3o days to order an artist, from the first day of their month thru the last.

I ordered 5 single months and my order was cancelled. Why?

To stop hypebeast style, secondary market selling, there is a, 3 per customer per artist, limitation each month. This way we ensure the fans get the best out of the experience we hope to create.

If i get a 6-pack, can i choose the artists i want?

No, you will receive the 6 scheduled artists in the time frame of the date of purchase.

I missed the artists i like, can i still buy their ACC art?

No. Each artist’s original work is a limited edition offering and only featured once through the ACC. If you do not purchase the artist within their month, you miss out.

I bought a subscription but i don’t want it now. Can i get a refund?

Being that the artwork is produced by an “on order” basis, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Can i send a subscription package as a gift?

Yes, its easy! Just write GIFT in the notes section of your payment and a customer service representative will contact you for further details. We also send a digital card via email or text to the lucky recipient letting them know!

What’s the advantage of buying the 6-Pack?

Besides getting 6 artists original work delivered right to your home, buying a 6-pack saves you $30 off the retail single price. It also includes 6 months access to buy any Artist Collectors Club exclusives.

What’s the advantage of buying a Member package?

Besides getting 12 artists original work delivered right to your home, buying a Member package saves you $60 off the retail single price. It also includes 12 months access to buy any Artist Collectors Club exclusives. As an added bonus, you will receive a 13th original artwork card from a surprise artist! This exclusive card is only available with purchase of a full 12 artist membership!

I bought a (6-Pack/Member), what’s an ACC exclusive?

A few times a year we will release exclusive items that aren’t available to the public. Items include such things as exclusive artist pins, reprint cards of missed artists, the Artist Collectors Club deluxe folder and more! When you order 6-pack or Member tiers, you’ll have access to buy any ACC exclusive releases.

When do i get my order?

Once the solicited artist order period is closed, you will receive your order typically within 4 weeks. Keep in mind someone is hand crafting each and every original artwork so please exhibit some patience. In the event that there’s an overwhelming amount of orders for a particular artist, it may take longer, in which case we will notify you.

I bought the (6 or 12) package but missed a few announced artists. What happens now?

No worries, you still get (6 or 12) amazing artists! The amount of artists you missed will rollover and come out of the next series of artists.

I read the FAQ but still need help!

For any questions you can contact info@artistcollectorsclub.com


There are no unauthorized reproductions allowed of the registered trademark Artist Collectors Club, or any of the artists involved, including original artwork produced for the ACC. Any misuse of the aforementioned terms will face legal action punishable to the maximum extent of the law.